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Erste Informationen zur Weltmeisterschaft im Pfeifelangsamrauchen 2018 in Tokio


Hello board members and CIPC members, Here is the preliminary information on the World Championship 2018 to be held in Tokyo. This is the third World Championship to be held in Japan; the first one in 1976...   mehr


Die 13. Weltmeisterschaft im Pfeifelangsamrauchen am 12.10.2014 in Köln ist Geschichte / ein Rückblick des Präsidenten...mehr

WM 2014.pdf (41.58MB)
WM 2014.pdf (41.58MB)

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(KE) Bewerbung des 1. Kölner Pfeifenclubs in Estoril für die Ausrichtung der 13. Weltmeisterschaft 2014 in Köln

Comité International des Pipe Clubs
2010 in Estoril/Portugal 14.09.2010

Dear Mr. President Alain Letulier
Dear Members of the CIPC,
Ladies and Gentlemen!

The 1st Pipe Smoking Club of Cologne, represented by its Board, applies for the 2014 Pipe Smoking World Championship to be held in Cologne and asks the Board of the VDP – Association of the German Pipe Smokers - President Kurt Eggemann, to present this application to the Board of the CIPC and their members at the Annual General Meeting – AGM.

The 1st Pipe Smoking Club of Cologne was founded in 1979. The founding members as well as later club members approached international and national events with an open mind during the last 31 years of its existence and showed great presents. Today the club’s membership of men and women counts 60 “real” smokers. We are of course very proud indeed to count Peter Heinrichs, a world-known tobacco and pipe dealer and museum owner, together with Wolfgang Diez, Denicotea, one of the great producers of the tobacco industry, amongst our club members. The same applies to several artist of the pipe producing scene.

Activities of the club and their members are constantly reported upon via the Internet.

Cologne named for the first time in the middle ages amongst Romans as “oppidum ubiorum” after that “CCAA” – Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium – was the fourth largest and in square measurements the third largest town in Germany and the largest town of Northrhine Westphalia. The town is known for its 2000-year history, its cultural and architectural inheritance as well as for its internationally acclaimed events. The Cologne cathedral stands out as legacy of the long history of the town and is visited by millions of people from all over the world.

We thank all participants to grant our wish to stage the 2014 Pipe Smoking World Championship in Cologne and hope for favorable support and approval.

In the meantime we remain with kind regards
Relax with your pipe
1st Pipe Club of Cologne

Kurt Eggemann

© Kurt Eggemann, Übersetzung Elke Franklin

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